Leopard Cat is World’s Most Expensive

Known as the Ashera, this cat is the largest, rarest and most exotic domestic feline you can buy. It is the size of a small dog and is adorned with leopard spots and tiger stripes. It can weigh 30 pounds. The cat was bred by California based Lifestyle Pets.

Some experts claim the Savannah is the pedigree and the Ashera some overpriced mutt breed.  Meeeooow!


Cost: $24,000

The Savannah (below): $5,000


Source: Metro (UK)

~ by wmeb on December 17, 2007.

2 Responses to “Leopard Cat is World’s Most Expensive”

  1. it’s such a beautiful cat i love it soo much but it’s also way too much money to spend on any pet instead they should breed them so the whole world can experience their beauty.

  2. the whole world would experience them, and then neglect them just like they do regular house cats. The novelty would wear off, and then their will be a bunch of half wild cats running around everywhere on top of regular house cats

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