Million Dollar Tire Rims Are Most Expensive

Asanti’s diamond-encrusted 22 inch Jewel Wheels are the world’s most expensive tire rims. If you think diamonds are gauche, Asanti will set you up with rubies, sapphires or any other jem your little heart desires.

Oh yeah, buy a set of 4 and they’ll throw in a Bentley. AsantiWheels website: click here.

million dollar tire rims from assanti

Cost: An ice cool $1 million.



~ by wmeb on December 12, 2007.

6 Responses to “Million Dollar Tire Rims Are Most Expensive”

  1. yes boi!!

  2. love these asanti rims! you can find many more asanti rims at . take a look!

  3. i about to grab some of them i just dubbed out my magnum now when the challenger comes out i get that in white with the yellow and white jewls on them

  4. COOL

  5. that what up look right on my right

  6. whatz so cool bout yellow rimz i think yellow is an ugly color thatz what i thik maybe black n yellow thatz hot

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