Most Expensive Perfume

Clive Christian’s limited edition Imperial Majesty is the world’s most expensive perfume.  Only 5 bottles were made and three sold. It is sold simply as No. 1. Naturally.  It is held in a Baccarat crystal decorated with a 5 carat diamond on an 18 carat gold collar

Cost: $215,000 a bottle

Source: Forbes.


~ by wmeb on September 23, 2007.

13 Responses to “Most Expensive Perfume”

  1. thats alot it looks like wee in a bottle

  2. doesnt look like a wee and it must be good if its lot twat

  3. it looks small i have it here my mom angelina jolie bought them 4 me

  4. Can I get a free sample Plllllllease

  5. ehmagawd puh-lease! The perfume isn’t that good!
    Gawd you people, my mom has it.!

  6. And it smells nice too! My parents bought it for me on my 14th birthday as a surprise gift and it’s really nice, too, but it’s dang expensive!

  7. simplyyyyy AMAzing, fantabulous is the word for this creation…

  8. Oh bring it on! My mom angelina jolie also bough 3 bottles for me! lmfao!

  9. they said only 3 sold so there ya go you got them all

  10. wowwwww… fantabulouzaaa… a scent created for gods and goddesses

  11. Dang, that’s a lot for perfume, but part of the reason why this is so expensive is because of the bottle, diamonds and gold. But, I am sure this great perfume smells wonderful and exusite!

  12. i can affort it but i want to give it as a gife to my dream girl yet iam waiting for that girl…..mail me for friendship kalim@sqatester

  13. Who wants the smell off some old, damp, bitter Imperial Majesty? Major yuck factor

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