Most Expensive Beer in the World


The honor of most expensive brewski supposedly goes to La Vieille Bon Secours. Available at the Bierdrome, London, exclusively (so they say). Hmm, drinking the most expensive beer would probably make your pee worth alot too.

Cost: $1,000 a bottle (must be a really big one) (or $75 a pint.)

This information has been published on one site. I question the $1,000 bottle cost, since that would have made news. And I could not find a link to Bierdrome in London. Beermania has a 2L bottle of this beer listed for 29 Euros or about $40.

Maybe they’re talking about a super magnum super-magnum.gif

Can anyone verify the bottle cost or Bierdrome’s existence?

So I give the award to Samuel Adams Utopia MMII. First brewed in 2001. It’s high alcohol content adds to the allure: 25% (that 50 proof!) for the 2005 batch.

Cost: $100 per 24 oz. copper bottle . You drink it warm.




~ by wmeb on August 30, 2007.

One Response to “Most Expensive Beer in the World”

  1. Went on beermarnia and found that once you add shipping the 2L bottle will cost you 198 Euro. I found another website ( that has a promotional price on the La Veille Bon Secours for 178 Euro worldwide shipping included. However without promotional price 198 Euro as well. Seems like it is very hard to get online bellow the 198 Euro pricetag. I will stick to Westvleteren 12 as my best and most expensive ale…better fits my purse

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