World’s Most Expensive Cell Phone: Ancort Diamond Crypto Smartphone

As with all things that are part of daily life, there should be luxury versions of them— Peter Aloisson


The Ancort Diamond Crypto Smartphone is the priciest cell phone in the world. Moscow’s JSC Ancort company and renowned Austrian jeweler, Peter Aloisson, who created the world’s first diamond encrusted mobile phone (way back in 1997), teamed to create the Diamond Crypto Smartphone.


The phone is made of solid platinum . The Ancort logo and navigation key are 18 carat rose gold, with 28 round cut diamonds circling the navigation key. 25 1/2 princess cut diamonds adorn the sides of the phone. There are also 8 blue diamonds.

Cost: $1.3 million

Previously, the most expensive cell phone in the world was this Limited Edition by Goldvish (Geneva): 18 carat gold, 120 carats of VSS-I grade diamonds. Cost: an ice cold mil.


Other Aloisson designed luxury cell phones:

ancort-pavee.gif motorola-elegance.gif

Ancort Pavee (350,000 Euros) and Motorola Elegance (28,000 Euros)

motorola-leopard.gif motorola-roma.gif

Motorola Leopard and Motorola Roma (28,000 Euros each).

Below are Vertu’s Signature Diamond Cellphones by Nokia. White or pink diamonds, available in platinum.

Cost: $88,300.

vertu.gif vertu-colored-diamond.gif

My favorite is Boucheron for Vertu Signature Cobra, made with 439 rubies from Paris jeweler Boucheron. Only 8 Cobras exist. Cost: $310,000.

vertu-borcheron.gifThe Cobra is biting a pear diamond and curled around a round one. Notice the emerald eyes.

There is also a Signature Python ($115,000. Only 26 Pythons made– honoring Boucheron store at 26 Place Vendome). These Vertu cell phones are handmade in the UK.
Further shopping:

Peter Aloisson website.

Ancort website .



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  1. Seriously. What do these people not get about the words “sparkly tat”?

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